Patanjali An Appeal To All The Patriotic Citizens For Economic Independence Ad

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Prakriti Ka Aashirwad

From Patanjali family and all the Patriotic citizens of our country A Billion Salutations to more than 7 lakh spirited martyrs who played a pivotal role in achieving Independence

On the occasion of 71st year of Independence, let’s take the pledge to embrace SWADESHI and help our country attain economic freedom by completely boycotting goods by MNCs.

An appeal to all the patriotic citizens for economic independence

We have to make India a Superpower by the year 2040. The 125 citizens of this country must together aim to achieve this goal through;
5 Pronged action plan to become a SuperPower

1) Like our martyrs, Mahatma Gandhi, Chandra Shekhar Azad & Bhagat Singh, let us also take a pledge to opt for 100% Swadeshi goods. The wealth of this country should not go abroad. Save the country from economic slavery because only a financially abundant country is capable of becoming a superpower of the world.

2) To make our country self-reliant in all sectors like Education, Health, Research, Agriculture, Security, Industry etc, every citizen must vow to work assiduously for 8 to 12 hours a day and similar to Patanjali should start indigenous industries for the ‘Arth se Parmath’ (Prosperity for charity) and join the swadeshi movement to serve the nation.

3) Take pride in being an Indian by rising above the notions of caste, creed and other divisive factors. We must accept the thought of being brave & glorious children to our motherland and that we are the best by coming out of the destructive idea of advocating “My Caste” & “My Religion” as the supreme.

4) Life is a disgrace if it is lived for less significant objectives. Live to make your Motherland a great country. Convert your knowledge, skill, expertise and experience into wealth by doing result oriented hard work (Akhand Prachand Purusharth) through target based planning.

5) Contribute generously towards the country as per your capability and offer whole-hearted support to the individuals, groups and institutions that are doing exceptional work in the sphere of spiritual, social, religious, education, politics and Industry. If you are unable to contribute directly, at least try to bolster them by your whole hearted moral support.

Difference between Patanjali and the foreign companies

Patanjali is steadfast in its endeavour and provides an overarching leadership by offering Natural products with world class quality products at low price and 100% Profit for Charity.

Multi National Companies – By providing products laced with harmful chemicals at exorbitant price not only do they loot the Indian economy, by ploughing back the profits earned to their own countries, but also end up making our citizens unhealthy and thereby an unproductive force. Besides, for all their tall claims, a meager 1% to 2% is spent by them on CSR activities.