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Check out Latest Watches Advertisement of various Watch Brands. This page has collection of Advertisements published by Watch Brands in leading Newspapers in India.

Advertising in selective newspapers and magazines by many Watch brands have always been one of the favorite ways in which watch brands deliver this message. The way these advertisements have been set up has developed over the years, and has resulted in quite some extraordinary ads.

A tasteful display of a representative part of the current collection is often complimented by additional information about the watch and even included in many cases, the price.

Using celebrities in ads also comes at a price. Not only do celebrities require compensation for featuring them but sometimes the whole thing can backfire when the celebrity enters the news in less than favorable ways. When dealing with active people of flesh and blood there is always that possibility and for that reason some brands prefer to showcase their link with important historical figures.

So enjoy this collection of Watch Advertisements by various leading brands.

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