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Havmor is an integral part of every fun gathering in Gujarat and has become synonymous with deliciousness. It is the brainchild of late Shri Satish Chandra Chona who laid its foundation way back in 1944 in Karachi, where it became a popular brand. but in 1947, in the wake of partition, Mr. Chona had to join the exodus to India where he restarted his venture from scratch on a handcart at the Ahmedabad railway station, churning out ice creams manually. Havmor is a neologism for ‘have more’ which means the customer gets more value for money and more taste to relish from the brand’s ice creams. riding on the humongous list of clientele, the company today has become one of the leading ice cream brands in western India. Besides setting a benchmark in ice creams, Havmor has successfully ventured into Hav Funn Parlors, eateries and gourmet restaurants. With more than 160 products, 150+ outlets including eateries & restaurants and a dealer network of 25000+ dealers, it stands tall on its success by living up to its commitment. today havmor has its feet in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Goa, Punjab & Madhya Pradesh and envisions to spread the deliciousness it is famed for, to every part of india.

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