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Today, Patanjali will join hands with Government of Gujarat to register A World Record in Yog that will go into the “Guinness Book of World Record.”

On 21st June, ‘World Yoga Day’, you too take the pledge to practice Yoga everyday and adopt a “Swadeshi” way of life and make yourself and our country healthy, prosperous and great.

How to start Yog- Learn Yog and the ways to live a healthy life from the world renowned Yog Guru Rishi Swami
Ramdev ji and Ayurveda’s expert Shraddhey Aacharya ji from 5:00 AM to 8:00 AM
and from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM only on AASTHA Channel

Learn to practice Yog through easy exercises, Pranayam and various Aasans.

Precautions to be taken while doing Yog:
• If you have back pain, don’t lean forward and if you are suffering from Hernia, don’t lean backwards
• If you have high blood pressure, heart problems, weakness or are going through menstrual cycle, then practice Yoga slowly
• Boni try difficult Yog aasans
• Practice Yog on an empty stomach during mornings and leave a gap of at least 4-5 hours after taking your evening meals
• Anyone who is above 3 years of age can practice Yog.

Life is incomplete without Yog
It’s not possible to live a disease -free, tension -free and happy life without practicing Yog. All the diseases can be controlled and cured by practicing Yog. Yog can bring a positive change in your behaviour and can awaken your internal awareness and power.

Why did Patanjali start producing indigenous products along with promoting Yog?
• Although, politically, we got our independence in 1947 but if we look at the nation’s economy, then we will
understand that even today foreign companies like the erstwhile East India Company have economic control of
over Rs. 50 lakh crore
• Patanjali has taken the ”Swadeshi” initiative to strengthen the country’s economy. That’s because Patanjali Is targeting the FMCG sector which has products like toothpaste, soap, detergent, shampoo, atta, biscuit, noodles, cooking oil and juice. These products are marketed in our country by foreign
• Patanjali has given employment to over 1 lakh people and has been able to join hands with over 1 crore farmers. In addition to this, Patanjali has a vision to provide employment to 5 lakh people and plans to
bring prosperity in the lives of over 5 crore farmers. Patanjali is a brand of over 125 crore Indians and joining hands with Patanjali is a service to this great nation.
100% of Patanjali’s profit goes into charity because 100% profit that comes from selling world -class quality, low
price products is used for education, research, cow culture, promoting Yog and taking care of the poor and the
• The main principles of Patanjali are “Prosperity for Charity” and “100% guarantee of purity”
• Patanjali is starting “Patanjali Shaheed School” this year to provide education to the children of almost 1000 martyred soldiers. This school will provide free boarding, tree food and culturally enriched world -class education
• Till date, Patanjali has spent more than Rs. 10,000 crore in charitable initiatives. Has any foreign company done any major charity work in our country so far?

Your blessings and support is our biggest strength. For the first time in the 200 years, Patanjali Swadeshi Brand has given a tough competition to the foreign companies. If you take an oath to buy 100% of all of your daily necessities from Patanjali, starting from morning till night, then we can successfully save our country from being looted by these foreign companies. And we will build a powerful and self-confident nation with the cooperation from patriots like you.

Where can we obtain the entire range of Patanjali products?
Although 20 to 25 products of Patanjali are available in the open markets and can be bought from any shop, we
urge all the patriotic shopkeepers, businessmen and users to give top priority to Patanjali and support this
mission of serving the nation. Patanjali has a range of over 500 products. Please visit the nearest Patanjali
Exclusive store to buy the entire range of these products and get an average saving of at least 25 to 50% and
become a part of this movement of serving our great nation. We have three types of stores:
Patanjali Mega Store
Patanjali Chikitsalaya & Store
Patanjali Arogya Kendra & Store

Patanjali : Advertisers Name
Newspaper : Times of India Newspaper
Edition : Bangalore
Date of Publishing: 21-6-2017

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