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Nothing tastes like mom’s dal because only the best goes into Mom’s Dal.

Nothing comes anywhere close to the taste of mom’s dal. It is simply the tastiest. What’s even more amazing is that her dal is just a healthy as it’s tasty.
At 24 Mantra Organic, we make sure only the best goes into her dal. The credit goes to our 45,000 passionate farmers who grow pulses in the best soil, in the best season with best farming practices. If that wasn’t enough our team of field experts ensures the organic integrity of the farmer’s produce with over 1 million farm visits every year. Needless to say, this unpolished dal is one of the tastiest and healthiest things that is serverd by moms.

Chakki Atta, Rice, Dals, Spices, Speciality Flours, Cold Pressed Oils, Millets, Sweeteners, Honey, Juices, Breakfast Cereals, Tea, Cookies, Ready to Cook, Snacks, Spreads, Sparkling Drinks, Health Supplements

24 Mantra Organic

No chemicals pesticides, Farm to Fork supervision
Global Organic Certifications

Available in all leading Super Markets, Online Stores and Organic Stores.

24 Mantra Organic : Advertisers Name
Newspaper : Times of India Newspaper

Edition : Delhi
Date of Publishing: 10-6-2017
Advertisement Heading : Nothing Tastes like Mom’s Dal Because only the best goes into Mom’s Dal
Caption : Live an Organic Life

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