QI Spine Clinic

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Qi Spine Clinic is India’s LARGEST team of spine specialist. They are the first and only healthcare offering that exclusively focusses on the diagnosis and treatment of back pain whether severe, moderate, acute or chronic. In last four years of our presence, they have successfully treated over 20000 patients in Mumbai, Delhi & Pune. With 28 clinics across these cities, they have a considerable presence and awareness amongst the patients with Spine disorders. They believe that Precision diagnostics and targeted non-surgical treatment allows us to lead the way in reversing spine disorders. They has a success rate of 91% with patients shifting a minimum of 1 category in the Oswestry Disability Index.  Less than 1% of those that have undergone treatment at Qi Spine Clinic have been advised to explore a surgical path Only 6.63% of those who have undergone treatment at Qi Spine Clinic have experienced a recurrence in their symptoms.

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