Life Span

Life Span Clinic is India’s First and Largest Chain of Diabetes Clinic. It’s a caring endeavor founded by Ashok Jain, who is a diabetic himself for 21 years. With 40 Clinics across 10 cities, we have already reached out to help 81,000 diabetics.  Diabetes is a hassle-some disease. So Lifespan don’t want the added hassle of waiting for a doctor, going to a diagnostic centre, finding products in another place etc. At Life span, they take the stress out of diabetes and provide everything a diabetic might need, under one roof. Right from diagnosis to speaking to a dietician, educator, diabetologist. As a patient, you don’t have to keep going from pillar to post. The phlebotomist comes home to take patient’s blood. So life is easy and convenient for the patient.

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