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Hakoba Sarees Inc. a New York based company is the only company in the USA that specializes in the complete process of Design, Creation, Manufacturing and Marketing  sarees ships this unique product to the world. Mukesh Shah stands behind each of the outstanding design and color combination of Hakoba sarees is originally created by Mr. Mukesh Shah. Hakoba sarees are reasonably priced. They want to make affordable to everyone appreciative of good taste. Recently enhance by an ISP (Data Industries) under the consulting leadership Bhupendra Patel, our present website has state-of-the art eCommerce and data analytics features which have helped us increase our mail order business by over 500 % in 1 year. Since the enhanced searchable web presence with prominent search engines, we have received trade inquiries from customer in Australia, England, Germany, France, Singapore, South America, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, India, South Africa, Mauritius, ShriLanka, China, Japan and tens of other countries with presence of Indian Community. 

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