Ruia Organic Farms Advertisement

Give your family a healthy & wealthy life.

Eat organic fruits & vegetables grown at your own farm at Manor, 74 kms from Mumbai.

Business Analyst by Profession. Organic Farmer by choice

Spread over 40 acres with Hill view & River Front.
3000/5500/11000 sq.ft. Plots available

Golden Opportunity for non farmers to own a farming experience

Farm Fresh veggies & fruits delivered home weekly
GIR Cows & Calves
Honey Bee Colony
Maintained by Agro Experts
Second Home
Club Membership
Free 21 Nights Stay

Advertisers Name : Ruia Organic Farms
Newspaper : The Times of India
Edition : Mumbai
Date: 8-4-2016
Advertisement Heading : Give your family a healthy & Wealthy Life.
Caption: Eat Organic Fruits & Vegetables Grown at your own Farm at Manor, 74 kms from Mumbai.