Intensified Diarrhoea Control Fortnight Ad

Intensified Diarrhoea Control Fortnight
A step towards making health a mass awareness movement

Key actions when child gets Diarrhoea

  1. Dissolve 1 big packet of ORS in 1 litre of clean drinking water in a clean vessel
  2. Give 50-100 ml spoon frequently, especially after every motion.
  3. Give one Zinc tablet dissolved in 1 spoon of water or mother’s milk for 14 days even if Diarrhea stops.
  4. Continue breastfeeding during and after Diarrhea along with other dietary supplements. Breastfeed more during and after illness.

Prevention of Diarrhea in children

  1. Before cooking, feeding food and after cleaning child’s stool/ toilet use, wash hands properly with soap.
  2. Dispose off child’s stool quickly and safely. Use latrines and maintain personal hygiene

Contact ASHA for free supply of ORS & Zinc tablets

  • Use ORS solution within 24 hours of preparation
  • From birth till 6 months child should be given only mother’s milk
  • ORS and Zinc work better together and are more effective.

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Government of India

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Date of Publishing: 14-6-2017

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