Dollar Man Bigboss Fit Hai Boss Vest Brief Trunk Socks Ad

Dollar Big Boss: Be the Boss You Were Meant to Be with Mahesh Babu

Gear up for ultimate comfort and confidence with Dollar Big Boss innerwear, featuring Tollywood superstar Mahesh Babu in their latest newspaper advertisement.

Dollar Big Boss: The Fit for Every Boss

The ad highlights the brand’s core message: “Dollar Big Boss – Fit Hai Boss” (Dollar Big Boss – It Fits Like a Boss). Mahesh Babu, known for his style and action hero persona, embodies the ideal Dollar Big Boss man – confident, successful, and comfortable in his own skin.

Dollar Big Boss: A Range for Every Need

The ad showcases a variety of Dollar Big Boss products:

  • Vests: Stay cool and comfortable with a wide range of vest options.
  • Briefs: Find the perfect fit and style for all-day comfort.
  • Trunks: Enjoy the support and coverage of Dollar Big Boss trunks.
  • Socks: Complete your look with comfortable and stylish Dollar Big Boss socks.

Shop Online or In-Store:

The ad provides convenient purchasing options:

Buy Online: Browse the entire Dollar Big Boss collection at and enjoy the ease of online shopping.

Widespread Availability: Dollar products are readily available in over 900 cities and towns, with over 145,000 Multi-Brand Outlets (MBOs) across India. Find a Dollar retailer near you and experience the Dollar Big Boss difference.

Channel Your Inner Boss with Dollar Big Boss:

Inspired by Mahesh Babu’s style and confidence? Dollar Big Boss innerwear is your key to feeling like a boss every day. Visit their website, explore the extensive collection, or find a retailer near you. Dollar Big Boss – the innerwear that fits your ambition.

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Newspaper: Times Of India

Date of Publication : 17-06-2024

Publishing City : Hyderabad

Publishing Page : Times Of India Main Page

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