Times Interact

Times Interact is a feature for Classified Ads in Times of India. Classified Ads in Times Interact publishes every day in the main edition of Times of India Newspaper. Classifieds in Times Interact are placed under various heading for various categories advertisement.

There are various headings under which Classified Advertisements are placed in Times Interact some of them are Property For Sale, Property to Rent, Job Vacancies, Recruitment, Situation Vacant, Overseas Jobs Consultant, Work for Home, Business, Business Offers, Business Proposals, Distributors, Loans, Machinery and Tools, Services, Education, Home Tutions, Medical Courses, Travel, Immigration, Shopping, Tender & Notices, Auto, Vehicles, Detective Services, Astrology, Beauty Parlour,  Massage Parlours, Name Change, Lost & Found, Notices and many more.

Now print classifieds can be complimented with 3 photos & video where readers can access TIME (Times Interact Mobile Enhance) at just Rs. 350/-.

You can book Classified Ads online for Times of India Newspaper in Times Interact section through Times of India Classified Ad Booking Online. Ask for special offers on Online ad booking.

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