Lawrence & Mayo

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Lawrence & Mayo has been India’s leading opticians since 1877, providing customers with the highest standard in precision eye care solutions delivered through the latest technology in eye care testing. Since its inception, Lawrence & Mayo has strived to provide its customer with products of the highest quality coupled with the latest fashionable styles and trends in eye-wear. Over the past 139 years, the company has developed a stellar reputation for the relentless service it provides across all of its 100 showrooms. Lawrence & Mayo has come a long way since its single store establishment in Kolkata. In the 21st century, India’s neighborhood optician has developed a vast network of showrooms spanning important states, districts, cities, and towns build on the support, patronage, and trust of its customers. Lawrence & Mayo has a network of over 100 showrooms covering 32 major cities and towns across India. Over the past 139 years of the company’s legacy; product styles have changed, designs have improved, techniques have been adopted, discarded and modified, yet the only constant that remains is Lawrence & Mayo’s unwavering commitment and dedication to its customers.

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