John Miller

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In today’s corporate parlance, success is about having an extra edge that makes one stand out and stride ahead. This new breed believes in looking the part, to be taken seriously, inspire confidence and establish a presence. It all starts by dressing for success. The Good Looking Rascal brings alive the character of a John Miller consumer. He aspires to make his way up in the corporate hierarchy not just through hard work but by being witty and skillfully devious to make his journey to the top seem effortless. John Miller offers a range of everyday corporate wear and accessories for young male executives, that unfailingly makes you look confident and fluent. It includes shirts, trousers, business suits, blazers, accessories, and deodorants. In line with the more relaxed work culture seen now a day, they also introduced a range of relaxed office wear – John Miller Hangout. The range includes printed shirts, polos, khakis, chinos & denim.

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