ET Money

Collection of advertisements published by ET Money in various newspapers of India, and explore more information about the brand.

The ET Money app, earlier called SmartSpends for its focus on spending, helps you take charge of your money. ET Money’s smooth user interface makes it a breeze to operate. All you need to do is provide access to the e-mail account and messages on your phone. The ET Money app will automatically allocate your spends to specific categories like travel, restaurant, groceries, etc. It will show where you spend the most so that you can easily identify the biggest leaks. Of course, only transactions made through credit cards, debit cards, Net banking and other cashless modes will get tracked by the app. Expenses incurred using cash will be tracked only if you feed in the details after every transaction. If you fill in the due dates for various bills, it will alert you about the payment deadlines. By including your credit cards, you can know where to use which card to avail of the best discounts and offers. You can also keep yourself informed about deals and offers in specific categories like travel, apparel, etc.

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