LIC Jeevan Utsav Guaranteed Reason For Celebration with Lifetime Ad

LIC’s Jeevan Utsav Plan: Guaranteed Returns and Flexibility for Your Future (Plan No. 871)

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is offering a guaranteed reason for celebration with their Jeevan Utsav policy, highlighted in their latest newspaper advertisement. This plan provides a unique combination of lifetime coverage, guaranteed returns, and flexibility to suit your financial needs.

Guaranteed Returns for a Secure Future

The ad emphasizes Guaranteed Lifetime Returns, a key feature of the Jeevan Utsav plan. This ensures your investment grows steadily over time, providing financial security throughout your life. Unlike market-linked policies, Jeevan Utsav offers stability and predictability in your returns.

Whole Life Insurance with Choice

Jeevan Utsav is a whole life insurance plan, offering coverage for your entire lifetime. The ad highlights its flexibility:

  • Limited Premium Paying Term: Choose a payment period between 5 and 16 years, allowing you to tailor the plan to your financial situation.
  • Regular Income Benefit / Flexi Income Benefit: Select the payout option that best suits your needs. You can receive a regular income stream or access your accumulated benefits flexibly.

Guaranteed Additions Boost Your Savings

The advertisement mentions “Guaranteed Additions during Premium Paying Term.” This means LIC adds a guaranteed amount to your policy value throughout the premium payment period, further enhancing your returns.

Comprehensive Coverage and Peace of Mind

Jeevan Utsav offers a minimum basic sum assured of Rs. 5 lakhs. In case of your unfortunate demise, this amount will be paid to your nominee, providing them with financial support during a difficult time.

A Secure and Non-Linked Plan

The ad clarifies that Jeevan Utsav is a “Non-Linked, Non-Participating” plan. This means the returns are not tied to market fluctuations, offering stability and predictability. Additionally, the policy does not participate in company profits, but focuses on guaranteed benefits.

Multiple Ways to Get Started

Getting started with Jeevan Utsav is convenient. The advertisement provides several options:

  • Contact Your Agent: A LIC agent can personally guide you through the plan details and application process.
    Visit Your Nearest LIC Branch: LIC branches offer personalized assistance and can answer any questions you may have.
  • SMS Your City Name to 56767474: Receive information about LIC representatives or branches in your area.

LIC: Your Trusted Partner for Life Insurance

The ad concludes with LIC’s tagline Har Pal Aapke Saath (With you every moment) and Sabse Pehle Life Insurance (Life Insurance Comes First). This emphasizes LIC’s commitment to providing reliable and comprehensive life insurance solutions throughout your life. The ad also highlights that Jeevan Utsav is Also Available Online, offering a convenient way to apply for the policy from the comfort of your home.

Invest in Your Future with Jeevan Utsav

LIC’s Jeevan Utsav policy, as presented in the newspaper advertisement, provides a compelling option for those seeking guaranteed returns, lifetime coverage, and flexibility. With its focus on security and stability, this plan can be a valuable addition to your long-term financial strategy. For further details and to explore if Jeevan Utsav is right for you, contact your LIC agent, visit your nearest branch, or explore the online application process.

भारतीय जीवन बीमा निगम

LIC New Jeevan Utsav Plan 871 in Hindi | LIC जीवन उत्सव प्लान 871 | Lifetime Guaranteed return plan

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Newspaper: Times of India

Date of Publication : 21-05-2024

Publishing City : Chennai

Publishing Page : Times of India Main Page

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